Emmas Mattress 澳美斯床褥  Melbourne 墨爾本 脊醫專業系列 Maximize

Emmas Mattress 澳美斯床褥 Melbourne 墨爾本 脊醫專業系列




※ 產品規格為原廠(供應商)所提供,若有變動敬請參照實際商品為準 ※

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4. U.S. ASTM F1557 High Carbon Standard Bonnell Coil

5. Oeko-Tex Certified Human Friendly Textile

6. 10-Years Warranty

7. Quality certified by UKAS Environmental Management ISO 9001

8. BS7177 Fire Resistance

9. CDAHK Certified

10. No Need To Turn

*The product specifications are provided by supplier. If there is any variation, please refer to the dimensions of actual product.

床褥尺碼可能有+/-1.27cm ,此為接受的尺碼差異