Emmas Mattress 澳美斯床褥  Colour 全方位保護健康床褥 Maximize

Emmas Mattress 澳美斯床褥 Colour 全方位保護健康床褥



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1. Multi-layers Waterproof System supported by DuPont TYVEK

2. Anti-Dust and Anti-mite functions supported by DuPont TYVEK

3. Waterproof Fabric

4. CocoPad

5. 2.25mm Alloy Bonnell Coil

6. Oeko-Tex Certified Human Friendly Textile

7. BS EN 597-1 Fire Resistance

8. TUV ISO 9001 Certified Coil Mattress

9. 10-Years Mattress Coil Warranty

*The product specifications are provided by supplier. If there is any variation, please refer to the dimensions of actual product.

 床褥尺碼可能有+/-1.27cm ,此為接受的尺碼差異